Monday, December 18, 2006

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

CheekyTiki has been very busy making Tiki mugs...

The Mahiki mug, sculpted by CheekyTiki from TikiRacer's Mahiki logo design, for Mahiki's signature drink. You can go down to Mahiki and have a Mahiki out of one of these. Oh a lot of Mahiki Huh!

The Zombie Mug, one of TikiRacer's original designs CheekyTiki is producing.
In the new year CheekyTiki and TikiRacer will be releasing a Limited Edition, 50 only off, hand painted Zombie mugs with signed Zombie prints to match.
Mahiki are proud to be serving their version of Don the Beachcombers Zombie in a CheekyTiki/TikiRacer regular Zombie mug.

A sneaky view below.

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