Thursday, February 22, 2007

Zombies have Awoken

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mahiki - in the news again..... Naff decor apparently!

The Mahiki press machine continues to roll and it seems to continue to attract such great quality writing as provided in the Sundays mail written by Anna Van Praagh and Katie Nicholl.

Both seemed to have an opinion on all of our hard work, but neither it seems had really paid any attention or done any research, apart from the going ons of the young Royal family and other celebrity no hopers.

We at CheekyTiki have worked extremely hard to bring Tiki culture back to what we have always hoped it to be, not only for us but for all the great friends and people that enjoy it so much and in turn support us.

It is such a shame that Mahiki, which was designed to celebrate traditional Tiki bar and Polynesian culture, with a slight nod to Kitschy fun, gets described as "naff".

To put it down like this, not only belittles all of our hard work but makes a mockery of the culture we love. I'm sure the guys standing on the door in full Polynesian costume don't see themselves as a joke, and maybe Ms Nicholl and Praagh should stick to writing about such pointless things as celebrity Big Brother contestants which they obviously share views with when it comes to other peoples cultural references.

To anyone who has read this article I hope you can see through it and that the only "Naffness" is created by Tabloid Journalists and the morons they continue to write about.
There are far better Articles written by more credible sources available, Time Out and GQ being a couple.

Long live Tiki